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- With our high quality range you are protected in the long term -
Your benefits of a vehicle security system:
-  Battery-siren with own power supply
-  6 different alarm sounds at 127 dB
-  Instant message via SMS on the mobile phone
-  Control over the mobile phone
-  Integration of your own remote control
-  Full alarm by grabbing into the vehicle interior
-  Individual adjustment of the radar range
-  Full alarm by noises outside and inside
-  8 wheel-rim-locks: at least resulting 16 min. stealing duration
-  Anti-shatter-films: impacts without throwing splinters

- Vehicle security systems -

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We offer for the safety of your vehicle in South America a complete solution:
  • Motor vehicle alarm systems,
  • Wheel-rim-locks,
  • Anti-shatter-films.
For the installation is required a local specialised garage.

You have on these page the options to download documents on the download links. Please send us the reasons of protection in advance an e-mail with your contact informationens to info@pei-product.com and you will receive from us the login.

Product overwiew of motor vehicle security systems


For the security of your vehicle, we offer you an assorted basic package consisting of a Defender Upgrade alarm system or Defender Upgrade GMS for existing factory remotes with a 6-tone-battery-siren as a replacement, a 1-zone-radar-sensor and an ultrasonic-sensor.

This basic package offers your vehicle long-term security against unwanted break-ins.

Defender Upgrate alarm system

The Defender Upgrade is automatically activated or deactivated using the key or the already available remote by closing/opening the central locking system.
After you leave the vehicle, the alarm switches on automatically. In the case of a direct collision, the siren makes its presence felt with its 127 dB volume, 6 alternating tones and to the side of the vehicle with flashing parking/hazard warning lights. The alarm however does not react to the vehicle swaying as a result of e.g. passing lorries or a storm, etc..

The full alarm is triggered by vibrations through a 2-step vibration sensor with a separately adjustable pre-alarm and full alarm in the case of
-   windows being broken,
-   unauthorised towing,
-   wheel theft,
-   unauthorised opening of doors, the car boot and the car bonnet and
-   the car battery being disconnected and connected when it is activated.

If the vehicle shudders ever so slightly, an advance warning is triggered by a separate pre-alarm with the siren.
If required, the alarm can be temporarily deactivated.

The Defender Upgrade consists of the following components
-   6 tone siren,
-   siren confirmation when activating or deactivating the alarm (this siren confirmation can be switched off),
-   vibration sensor with the highest sensitivity level and
-   single immobiliser.

Download: Detailed description Defender Ugrade alarm system

Defender Upgrade GSM alarm system

The Defender Upgrade GSM consists of the Defender Upgrade with the added extra of an alarm message sent directly to your mobile telephone and the option of also controlling two additional channels by text message SMS.

Download: Detailed description Defender Ugrade GSM alarm system

1-zone-radar-sensor – accessories for alarm systems

The 1-zone-radar-sensor can be adapted to the interior of any vehicle and immediately triggers all full-alarm features when somebody tries to break in.
If required, it is possible to switch off the 1-zone-radar-sensor using a remote control.

Download: Detailed description 1-zone-radar-sensor

Ultrasonic-sensor – accessories for alarm systems

As an added extra, the ultrasonic-sensor monitors the entire interior of your vehicle in every nook and cranny (not suitable for convertibles).

Download: Detailed description ultrasonic-sensor

6-tone-battery-siren – replacement

The 6-tone-battery-siren replaces the simple 6-tone-siren from Defender Upgrade/Defender Upgrade GMS and comes with a spare battery and a coded emergency key to switch it off.
The full alarm of the 6-tone-battery-siren is triggered immediately at a volume of 127 dB when the power supply is disconnected as a result of the cables being cut.

Download: Detailed description 6-tone-battery-siren

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The wheel-rim-locks enhance the security of your vehicle and offer reliable protection against wheel theft.

As a result of their special material properties and sophisticated technical solution, it is almost impossible to open the 

Composition of a wheel-rim-lock:
1.  Bolts – wheel-rim-lock bolt
     rotating outer shell,
     dimensionally-accurate thread,
     highly hardened steel.
2.  Wheel-rim-lock nuts
     highly hardened head which is secured against opening using conventional tools for over 2 minutes
     (2 rim locks per tire/8 rim locks per vehicle are providing a total of stolen time by at least 16 minutes),
     exclusive codes and narrow encoding grooves which can only be opened with the key provided,
     highly hardened steel.
3.  Key with outer shell for simple wheel-lock installation.

Properties of a
-   400 combinations,
-   zinc coating,
-   corrosion resistance of up to 400 hours, standard ISO 9227:2006,
-   torque 400 Nm,
-   special features: rotatable sleeve and Thatcham (independent British testing and research institute for
    vehicle security) certified.

Download: Detailed description wheel-rim-locks


For the security of all car windows, we offer anti-shatter-films which offer protection against burglaries and have brilliant transparency consisting of an extremely tear-resistant polyester-film that enhances splinter binding in the case of glass breakage.

The non-metallised film structure with a single layer has a total thickness of about 0.110 mm and in addition has an extra hardened anti-scratch coating.

-   transparency 90 %,
-   heat rejection at 14 %,
-   UV-rejection 95 %,
-   tensile strength 224 N/mm² lengthways, 207 N/mm² crossways,
-   tensile stress 105 N/mm² lengthways, 108 N/mm² crossways,
-   elongation at break 100 % lengthways, 139 % crossways,
-   elongation at yield 7 % lengthways, 6 % crossways.

multiple forceful impact with a baseball bat on a window pane with anti-shatter-film:

Comparison – a front side window without anti-shatter-film and a back side window with anti-shatter-film: 

Ordering options:
(black surface = shatter-film)